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West Coast Cure Prerolls Perth



West Coast Cure Prerolls Perth

Buy West Coast Cure Prerolls Perth  – West Coast Cure Prerolls are available in a variety of high-end weed strains representing California’s best quality flower available.

The 1-gram weed joint is perfectly fitted in a custom tube designed to better preserve the integrity of our joint and lock in our flavor.

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(HYB) Animal Cookies (30.1% THC), (HYB) Foreign Glue (30.1% THC), (HYB) Rainbow Sherbet (29.1% THC), (HYB) SFV OG (28 .6% THC), (HYB) Strawberry Banana OG (30.3% THC), SKU: 248 (IND) Bacio Gelato (28.1% THC), (IND) London Pound Cake (30.2% THC), (IND) Skywalker OG (30.3% THC), (IND) WCC OG (30.3% THC), (IND) Wedding Cake (28.4% THC), (IND) Wookies (29.6% THC), (SAT) Lemon Twist (28.1% THC), (SAT) Tangie (28.3% THC)


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