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STNDRD Vape Pods 92% THC NZ

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  • THC Level 92% THC
    Size 1 gram


STNDRD Vape Pods 92% THC NZ

STNDRD Vape Pods 92% THC NZ For sale – STNDRD Pod Gods are the ultimate premium distillate pod.  Perfect for enjoying anytime, anywhere, this discreet and sleek cartridge is compatible with STNDRD pod batteries.

Easy to use, simply inhale and enjoy the uplifting, effects of Premium Distillate.

  • 1 gram
  • 92% THC

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(HYB) Strawnana, (IND) London Pound Cake, (IND) Northern Lights, (IND) Purple Punch, (IND) Skywalker OG, (SAT) Blue Dream, (SAT) Mac 1


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