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Pink Goo Hash by Tegridy Farms Perth

$15.00(1 gram)


Pink Goo Hash by Tegridy Farms Perth

Buy Pink Goo Hash by Tegridy Farms Perth Online – Tegridy Farms keeps delivering the best small-batch hash around, these new offerings somehow seem to get better and better.

Pink Goo hash is a mix of two potent hard-hitting Indica strains and with time, respect for the craft and knowledge has been turned into one of the finest hashes we have seen.

The tropical fruit flavors and fresh pine earthiness of Pink Goo won’t send you to the couch but expect the mind and body to melt. Like all Tegridy Farms products, this hits hard with narcotic-like effects and is considered strong for experienced users.

Small Batch, Limited Quantities, Craft Product


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