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Mota – Cotton Candy 180MG THC Parkes



Mota – Cotton Candy 180MG THC Parkes

Buy Mota – Cotton Candy 180MG THC Parkes – Mota – Cotton Candy infused with THC gives those sweet lovers that extra kick. The effects are strong as the THC binds with the sugar to enhance the psychoactive effects and medicinal benefits.

Total Servings: 180MG THC per pack
Quantity: 1 Piece

Happy | Euphoric | Relaxed | Lack of Appetite | Insomnia | Stress | Pain | Depression

Ingredients: Sugar, Cannabis, Natural and Artificial Flavours and Colours

Directions: The product can be divided into smaller subsets. First-time users should take 1/8 of the piece. Allow 30-60 minutes for full effect before considering any additional doses. Take with food for best results.

Storage Instructions: For best results, please store in a cool, as well as dry place.


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