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Forever Phoenix 600MG THC Phoenix Tears – Original Formulation

$40.00(1 gram)


Forever Phoenix 600MG THC Phoenix Tears – Original Formulation

Buy Forever Phoenix 600MG THC Phoenix Tears – Original Formulation Online Australia – This syringe of medical grade phoenix tears is made from a select group of Kush strains that are high in CBD. It is made with Organic 99% pure ethanol alcohol to extract and winterize the oil, creating a stronger and cleaner medical-grade product. Infusions offer the benefit of a naturally tasting, smooth, multi-beneficial cannabis oil.

This product is 100% decarboxylated for easy oral absorption – no additional heating is required. This formula promotes overall body healing and is used for a wide range of ailments.

Ingredients: Decarboxylated Cannabis derived from Indica Kush.

Indications: Cannabinoids abundant in this full spectrum extract have been known to help patients with pain, nerve and sleep disorders, migraines, RLS, nausea, IBS, Crohn’s, and other conditions.

Directions: Start by applying an amount the size of a grain of rice (10mg) under the tongue with a meal. Use caution when re-dosing: Phoenix Tears can take between 15 and 90 minutes to fully take effect. Titrate your dose upward by no more than 10mg per day to find the ideal dose for your condition without risking overmedicating. The product can alternatively be added to food following. The same dosage guide for a longer and less intense effect. Do not cook products as high will reduce potency.


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