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Buy Apothecary Cannabis Oil AU


Apothecary Cannabis Oil 10:10, provides a set dosage of 10mg THC:10mg CBD per capsule. 30 CAPSULES


Buy Apothecary Cannabis Oil AU

Buy Apothecary Cannabis Oil AU – Apothecary Cannabis Oil provides a quantity of 10mg THC: 10mg CBD per capsule. Apothecary Cannabis Oil is perfect for pain relief and reducing stress and promoting physical relaxation.

This CBD oil provides a pleasant light and sweet citrus flavor. This type of orange-flavored tincture is crafted with organic MCT oil which is naturally odorless and tasteless leaving users with just the enjoyable orange citrus taste and the powerful relief of CBD. Enjoy this by itself directly under your tongue of a freshly squeezed cup of orange juice. THC: 10 mg CBD: 10 mg Type: Blend


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